Elizabeth DeVaughn Counseling
     Creating Space for Growth and Healing

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I am in love with healing work.  And with the power of relationships.  When I engage in healing work, either personally or professionally with clients, I always come out on the other side reminded of why I love it.

When I started my professional journey in mental health, I was unaware that my professional path would lead me to my personal healing journey.  My personal healing work has taught me – among many, many, many things, - that I am human, that it’s OKAY to be human, that I am worthy just as I am, that I am beloved, and that I don’t need masks – or anything – to make me good enough.  Even just a few years ago, I may have been able to say those words aloud, but I wouldn’t have believed them.  Like, at all.  This is why I love healing.  Because through the gut-wrenching, completely wonderful, sometimes-torturous, life-altering work, I now believe all these things.  I call them my truths.  And because I believe these things, I move through life differently than I did.  I don’t hide who I really am anymore.  I reach out to the people I trust instead of ruminate and obsess in torturous isolation.  I can feel my emotions, which allow me to engage in life fully, with both the pain and the joy.  Do I always do the healthy thing?  Well, heck no…then I wouldn’t be human 😉  It's normal to forget our truths, and I certainly do.  But because of my healing and the healthy relationships in my life, I can find my way back to my truth a lot easier.

My personal work has helped me to see that healing really is possible.  I can hold space for my clients when they wonder if their anxiety will ever end, if they’ll ever have a satisfying intimate relationship, or if they’ll every just feel…okay.  I can hold hope when they feel they have none.  I am in love with healing work.

Okay, onto hobbies.  I LOVE hiking.  Also love dancing, drawing, painting, crafting, journaling, and just being outside.  My ideal day would be to hit the trails in the early morning, come home and have a big breakfast (pancakes & coffee!), spend the afternoon in a big, cushy lounge chair outside with my journal, coloring book, and another good book, and then to round out the evening watching a movie - preferably a comedy - with my husband.  Cuddling with our big orange cat, Mr. Darcy, of course.

"The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician.  Therefore, the physician must start from nature with an open mind."

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9025 Overlook Boulevard, Brentwood TN 37027