Elizabeth DeVaughn Counseling
     Creating Space for Growth and Healing

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There are underlying issues within addiction.

These are the issues I address when working with clients who struggle with addiction.  The underlying anxiety, depression, trauma, shame, guilt, etc. that led to the addiction in the first place.  Addictive behaviors are coping tools we have learned to use to try to deal with these underlying issues...they're just not tools that work well for us in our every day lives. 

We developed these coping tools for a reason. 

I always like to honor the reasons you needed this type of coping in the first place.  In our work together, we'll look at discovering new tools to cope with stressors and regulate your emotions, but in ways that are more effective for you.  Ways that match what you need in every day life.  To do this, we look at the underlying issues.

**Because of certain biological components of addiction, I usually recommend that my clients connect with other types of support while we engage in our work together, such as support groups, medical attention, or nutritional support.