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Elizabeth DeVaughn Counseling

Creating Space for Hope, Healing, & Thriving


I believe in the nature of things.

All elements in nature have a nature, an innate way of being.  The dictionary defines nature as "the basic or inherent features of something."  This innate way of being helps the thing - in our case, our bodies - function optimally.  Grow.  Flourish.  Heal.  In my experience with healing work, I have developed a deeply rooted belief that if we honor the inherent nature of our bodies, give our bodies what they need, and work with our bodies rather than against them, they will do what they were designed to do: heal.  I help people listen to themselves in a new, different way in order to gain the inner wisdom their bodies contain.  Our inner wisdom tells us what we need in order to grow, mend, and thrive.  We often develop barriers to listening to our inner wisdom, which results in distress, anxiety, depression, relationship dysfunction, and overall emotional and mental suffering.  When we get what we need, we flourish.

We don't have to stay stuck.  We don't have to repeat painful patterns.  The nature of our bodies is to heal themselves.  The nature of humanity is to thrive.  Let's talk about what your body is telling you.


"How do i get started?"

If you'd like to learn more about the counseling process and how to begin, start here.  Or, learn more about my counseling specialties and approach.  The wonderful thing about wellness is that there are many paths, and counseling is just one of them!  As there are many roads to wellness, I like to offer a variety of ways to help you achieve more balance, restoration, and optimal health: 

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Learn about the various workshops and events I offer and join one of my upcoming events!

Join a FREE workshop or social event for women through Her Heart Project, Inc.!  Learn more about Her Heart Project, Inc. here.


Elizabeth DeVaughn, MA, LPC-MHSP


I'm so happy you're here.  I love this work, and I'd love to share with you why I love it.  Please click below to read more about me and why healing is so valuable to me, and also why I love to help people on the same journey.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or would like to know more.

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Current Happenings


Her heart project, Inc.

View our 2018 Events!

Her Heart Project, Inc. is a free women's program designed to help women cultivate the deeper, richer connection with themselves and others they've been craving.  Come see the new events on our calendar!

The Nature of MIndfulness

Two New Nature-Based Workshops!

Join us on the trail, under a tree, and by a stream as we use a blend of education, mindfulness, and gentle movement to absorb nature's wisdom and listen to her teachings on how to reduce stress, optimize our emotional well being, and restore our souls.

Reviving our Inner Knowing:

A Therapeutic Intensive based on "Women Who Run with the Wolves"

Rather than contorting yourself into "shoulds," performing and perfectionism, rediscover your sacred inner wisdom that points you toward what you desire, what you need, and what you feel.  This deep inner knowing helps us cultivate our passions and live our most abundantly authentic lives.


Counseling Services

"I need help."

First, I believe that is one of the bravest statements we can ever make.

Secondly, yes, let's get started on that.

I work with men, women, and couples struggling with a range of issues.  So, whether it's anxiety, depression, relationship issues or beyond, let's look at finding your specific path to healing, growth, and finding YOU again.

My specialties include: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Relationships, & Personal Growth

If you have any questions about the issues I treat, or if you would like additional guidance in getting the help you need, please don't hesitate to contact me.

**I proudly serve individuals of any race, nationality, culture, religious/spiritual background, sexual orientation, and gender identity.


Her Heart Project, Inc.

Her Heart Project, Inc. is a free women's program, meant solely to be used as a safe and sacred space for women to connect in an environment where growth is valued, relationship is nurtured, and being EXACTLY who you are is embraced and celebrated. 


Workshops & Events

In the spirit of embracing the nature of our bodies and our humanity, I love to offer creative workshops and events designed to help people do just that.  Come check out my list of events, from community level to more intensive, where we explore everything from the wisdom of nature, creativity, self-love, mindfulness, and everything between.



I love to muse on life.  Especially considering everything I've learned from my own healing journey.  I like to walk through life with a new lens and wonder about things like: self-compassion and why it's so hard; what IS considered selfish?  And more. 

Won't you join me?


Begin Your Journey

I would love to walk alongside you as you begin your journey to health, healing, and thriving. 

Contact me to get started.