"Why can't I turn my brain off?"

"Why do I analyze EVERYTHING that EVERYONE says??" 

"I'm tired of having panic attacks all the time." 

However you experience anxiety and/or panic, we can work together to find healing for you.

Anxiety and panic can feel like torture.  They are torture.  In our work together, we'll explore the root causes of anxiety and panic.

I look at anxiety as an adaptation. 

We all develop adaptations, including anxious thoughts and behaviors, to try to get our needs met...and some of them don't work as well as others.  By creating space for your body to tell us what it really needs, we can find more helpful ways to get your needs met.  Ways that can actually bring fulfillment, balance, even joy back into your life.  Ways that can help you feel more like...YOU.

And if you struggle with panic, read on:

Panic is one of the scariest experiences we can have.

A true experience of having a panic attack is terrifying.  We can feel like - and truly BELIEVE - that we're dying.  Among many things, we can become short of breath, lightheaded, dizzy, and our heart may feel like it's about to pound out of our chest.

We can do something about panic.

With panic, we need to talk to our brain in a different way than with words.  We need to talk to our brain through our BODY.  Grounding, mindfulness, and meditation are a few of my go-tos for relieving panic symptoms.  When we can calm our system, we can begin exploring the underlying issues that have historically led to panic. 


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