Depression covers up who we really are.

We might never feel more lost, hopeless, helpless...lifeless, as when we're depressed.  Depression sucks the life right out of us.  We're not ourselves.  We can easily slip into a pit of self-loathing and shame.  We might find ourselves sleeping all day when we used be a morning person.  We don't enjoy anything.  We spend any free time distracting ourselves or zoning out rather than doing things that fulfill us.

If we're depressed, then we're suppressed.

This is how I work with depression.  As miserable as depression is, it is telling us something.  It's telling us where to look. 

Depression is telling us that we need EXPRESSION.

Depression is our body's response to our needs, longings, and emotions having been suppressed.  Having been stuffed down so tightly that our body has used up all of it's energy keeping the lid on. 

In our work together, we can explore your path to expression.  We can look at ways for you to become reacquainted with your needs, your longings, your sacred internal experience.  Our needs and emotions tell us who we are, what we're passionate about, what makes us feel alive.  When we connect with and allow ourselves to express these things,

we become ourselves again.


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