I love our story.

During my time at Cypress Counseling Group, I met one of our counselors for a get-to-know-you coffee.  By the end of our last sip, we were laughing, hugging, and asking if we could be best friends forever. 

Among many things, something Christine and I really connected on was an undeniable passion for this work.  As we continued to connect, we kept coming across a common theme; a specific need.   

When we invest in our personal growth, amazing changes can start to happen.  And something else can, and often does, also happen.  We start to grow apart from some of our old friends, family, support system.  We start to become less and less fulfilled - maybe even more and more irritated - the more we spend time with them. 

Because we have become more aware of our needs, we also become aware that our old support system is unable to meet them. 

This is a really hard part of the journey.  We can feel lonely, disconnected and desperate.  It's become a common joke in some of my sessions with women when we cry, "Where are my people?!"  This is a place with which Christine and I are very familiar within our own personal journeys.  When we do our work, we change.  When we change, we need different things, including different people. 

We need people who can hold space for us.  People who can repeat our beautiful truth back to us when we forget it.  People who love us for who we REALLY are. 

So, what can Christine and I do about it?  We can provide a space.  A space for women invested in authenticity, practicing vulnerability, and growth to connect.  And that's just what we're offering. 

Her Heart Project, inc. is a free women's program, meant solely to be used as a safe and sacred space for women to connect in an environment where growth is valued, relationship is nurtured, and being EXACTLY who you are is embraced and celebrated.


What we offer:

- free workshops for women on various women's issues, hosted by local professionals

- Social events

- online resources for support and encouragement of women

- a newsletter option to stay current on all upcoming events and Up-to-date info



Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment.
— Brené Brown

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