my Approach

We all have an innate ability and desire to grow and thrive

And I believe that we already have everything we need in order to heal.  We just need to create space for our bodies and internal wisdom to show us what we need in order to heal our wounds and cultivate our authentic selves. 

This is how I approach counseling.  I believe in our body's ability to heal itself.  Just like a plant that will flourish and bloom given the right space, we as humans need a nurturing environment in order to grow:

- We need to be LISTENED TO, which includes listening to ourselves. 

 - We need LOVE, empathy, and connection, not shame and judgment. 

 - We need to be given space to FEEL exactly what we feel, to GRIEVE exactly what and how we need to grieve, and to BE exactly where we are.  Our bodies tell us truth, and they tell us what we need.  They tell us how to HEAL.

In our work together, I want to create space to listen to what your innate wisdom tells us you need.  It can be hard to trust ourselves in this way; personally, I can really relate to this.  And even though it can be difficult to trust ourselves, I base my work fully around my firm belief that your body - your inner wisdom - can and will point you toward what you need to be able to heal, get un-stuck, live more fully and authentically, and LIVE.



My clinical specialties include:


The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature with an open mind.
— Paracelsus