We've learned to wear a mask.

We all do.  We "learn" through life experiences and messages we interpret about ourselves that we're not enough.  Not smart enough.  Pretty enough.  Successful enough.  Smart enough.  Helpful enough.  So, we begin achieving.  Performing.  Accomplishing.  Becoming so helpful that we deplete ourselves.  We try really, really hard to be good enough.  And we run ourselves so raged doing so that we don't recognize ourselves anymore.

And even as much as we try, we can never reach the measuring stick.

What if we start measuring our self-worth differently than with a measuring stick?  What if we could lay down our mask and allow ourselves to be who we REALLY are?  We might start feeling just how weighty that mask has become.  And, how much it has kept us from being our true, authentic selves, as well as from living the lives we actually WANT to live.

In our work together, we can explore ways to spend less time under the mask, and more time just being.. YOU.  And, hopefully, knowing that THAT is a wonderful thing.


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