Hi, I'm Liz.


I am in love with healing work. 

And with the power of relationships.  When I engage in healing work, either personally or professionally with clients, I always come out on the other side reminded of why I love it.

When I started my professional journey in mental health, I was unaware that my professional path would lead me to my personal healing journey.  My personal healing work has taught me – among many, many, many things, - that I am human, that it’s OKAY to be human, that I am worthy just as I am, that I am beloved, and that I don’t need masks – or anything – to make me good enough.  Even just a few years ago, I may have been able to say those words aloud, but I wouldn’t have believed them.  Like, at all.  This is why I love healing.  Because through the gut-wrenching, completely wonderful, sometimes-torturous, life-altering work, I now believe all these things.  I call them my truths.  And because I believe these things, I move through life differently than I did.  I don’t hide who I really am anymore.  I reach out to the people I trust instead of ruminate and obsess in torturous isolation.  I can feel my emotions, which allow me to engage in life fully, with both the pain and the joy.  Do I always do the healthy thing?  Well, heck no…then I wouldn’t be human 😉  It's normal to forget our truths, and I certainly do.  But because of my healing and the healthy relationships in my life, I can find my way back to my truth a lot easier.

My personal work has helped me to see that healing really is possible.

I can hold space for my clients when they wonder if their anxiety will ever end, if they’ll ever have a satisfying intimate relationship, or if they’ll every just feel…okay.  I can hold hope when they feel they have none. 

I am in love with healing work.

Okay - hobbies!  I LOVE hiking.  Also love dancing, drawing, painting, crafting, journaling, and just being outside.  My ideal day would be to hit the trails in the early morning, come home and have a big breakfast (biscuits & coffee!), spend the afternoon in a big, cushy lounge chair outside with my journal, sketch pad, and another good book, and then to round out the evening watching a movie with my husband.  Cuddling with our big orange cat, Mr. Darcy, of course.

Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.
— Brené Brown